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We are going private September 13, 2008

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Our blog is going private… email me if you want the address and to be invited to the blog. If we know you, we would love to have you visit the blog, so please don’t hesitate to email!

I am in the process of moving all of our old posts over to the new blog, so the most recent posts have disappeared since I moved them over.
-Matt and Kel


It’s a girl…we think July 4, 2008

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So apparently we’re having a girl. We had an ultrasound earlier this week and the results were a little inconclusive in terms of determining the gender but the doctor told us that he thought it might be a girl. Today up here in Alaska we had Kelly’s mom do another ultrasound and it also seemed to suggest that we are having a girl. When we had HT’s ultrasound it was very conclusive that it was a boy, so the ambiguity this time makes it a little hard to know what to think. But from what we have been told so far – I guess we’re having a girl. I am simultaneously thrilled and a little afraid. More to come later…. Matt


Let it grow July 1, 2008

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The first couple of weeks after we had planted the garden we were wondering if it would survive. Not only did it survive, but it is thriving! It looks so great! Here are some pictures some that I took a 10 days ago and some from this evening. I honestly can’t believe how much everything has grown in only 10 days!
Tomato Plant 10 days ago on the left. The picture of HT with the Tomato plant is bigger than him is from today.

Sugarsnap Pea Blooms

It is really fun to see how well the garden is doing! I can’t wait until we get to enjoy the fruits (or veggie) of our labor!


lack of cooperation…

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The ultrasound went pretty well yesterday, other than the baby did not cooperate. We tried to see if it was a girl or a boy, and not a chance would it let us see. The baby was sitting on it’s feet, totally blocking our view. The tech tried to figure it out for a while and then the Dr. came in and he was having a hard time too. It looks like our next little one might not be very cooperative…

Lucky for us, we are leaving tomorrow to go and visit my mom and she will do another ultrasound on Thursday! Just one of the perks of having family in the medical field! I will try to post once we know what we are having : )

We are very thankful that the Dr. said the baby looks healthy. It has 10 fingers, the brain looked great, there was a good heart rate, the spine looks great. Whew! It is a relief to know that our little one is looking good so far! I was told that I have partial placenta previa… a complication that corrects itself in most pregnancies. I will have another ultrasound in 4-6 weeks to see if has gone away or if it is still a problem. Please be praying that it corrects itself. I was put on a bunch of restrictions for the next few weeks and if it persists I will have to have limited activity until the end of my pregnancy and then deliver via c-section. Not fun!

We are dying to have the ultrasound on Thursday and get some confirmation of boy or girl. To tell you the truth I am freaking out a little at the thought of a little girl. What if she is just like me??? I think that I do so well with HT because he is just like Matt, laid back! I am so afraid of having someone that is feisty and opinionated. Maybe Matt’s calm and relaxing genes will carry over to either a girl or a boy!


Baby Update June 28, 2008

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So the baby is moving a lot lately which is so much fun. Finally this week Matt and HT were able to feel the baby move. Hudson’s response was so cute, he kept putting his hand on my belly, really gently and saying wow. Since then he keeps putting his hand on his own belly and saying “The baby in my tummy is moving.” I have found that if I sit on the couch with my feet up in the evening is the best way to feel the baby move. Like right now it is kicking the laptop as I type.

My ultrasound is scheduled for Monday. We are excited to see how the baby is doing. For some reason as I get closer to the ultrasound I get a little more anxious to know that everything is okay with our little one. Like all the fingers and toes being in the right place, the heart working as it should, everything developing right on track. I can’t wait for Monday afternoon to get here : )

When I was pregnant with Hudson Matt and I both had a gut feeling that we were going to have a boy… well this time we are both on the same page and we both have a feeling that it is a girl. We could be way off, we fully get that : ) but many of the friends in our life have told us that they think it is a girl as well. The wife of our pastor stopped me last week to ask if we knew what we were having, I told her we didn’t know and she said, “by the way you are carrying, I think that it is a girl.” I am much wider this time, and less out front. So time will tell if everyone is right… And sooner than later. At first Matt was pretty neutral about if we found out at the ultrasound, but now he feels strongly that we should find out. So that is what we are going to do.

Here are some updated belly pictures… today we went swimming at our friends pool, so don’t mind the fact that it is a bare belly, I was getting ready to hop into the water!

Some cute pictures of the boys

HT is great at floating on his back, but the sun in his eyes really bothers him, so why not just cover them up: )


It feels like summer… finally! June 25, 2008

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We had a great weekend experiencing the sun and activities of summer! We went swimming at a friends pool, which was really relaxing. With Hudson’s new life-jacket, he can swim on his own, and he loves every minute of it. Matt and I lounged on floating rafts and HT swam back and forth between us, it was quite a treat. Later that night we went to a minor league baseball game. We rode Trax (our version of a metro system). HT loved riding on the train, but at each stop he kept asking, are we at the baseball game yet? It might have been a little long of a ride for him.

HT and daddy playing in the pool

Train Ride

Baseball Game

Matt, Uncle Zach and HT

My friend Connie and I

Then on Sunday we worked on the sprinkler system during HT’s nap. Would it really feel like summer without having to work on the sprinklers : ) In the evening we met some friends down at the park for a picnic, soccer, and play time. What a great weekend it was!


You never know June 16, 2008

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Today I found out that one of my classmates from high school, Dave Wright passed away last Thursday. He left behind his wife Kelli, toddler girl Kennedy, and a baby that is due in January. It made me realize how quickly life can change. I can not even begin to imagine how Kelli is feeling… becoming a widow at 27, having a toddler and being only 8 weeks pregnant. If you think of Kelli please keep her in your prayers!

It makes me realize that you never really know how quickly life can change. I can’t imagine ever loosing Matt, let alone at such a young age. I remember when I was pregnant with Hudson and Matt went to Nicaragua to surf, he was supposed to call me when he landed. Five days passed before I heard word from him. I was convinced that he was in danger or had passed away. It brings tears to my eyes to think about living one day without Matt. I pray that Matt and I have MANY years together, watching our children grow up!